Knit Stripe Easter Egg

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When you want to give a gift that lasts long after the candy has been eaten, choose a knit Easter Egg! Crocheted with buttery soft cotton yarn, these plush eggs are similar in size to actual eggs.

There is zero plastic in these cotton eggs and they are machine washable. Hide them in the grass with no worries and use them year after year.

From our friends at Pebble in the UK, and Bangladesh. Once upon a time, a young woman from the UK fell in love with a young man from Bangladesh. Eventually they moved to Bangladesh and had a baby. As the new mother cuddled her tiny boy, she couldn't help but notice all of the young women streaming into the garment factories every morning. She was deeply saddened to learn that many of these women had babies left at home with grandparents while they went to work in the city. 

So, this new mom did what she could. She gathered a few women around her and taught them how to knit and crochet little dollies that could be sold in the Western markets. Samantha Morshed dreamed that this would grow and become an alternative source of income for women throughout Bangladesh. 15 years later, her dream is a reality and more than 13,000 women are now employed making Pebble toys in their home village. They walk to work, taking their babies with them. There they sit together, yarn spilling onto their laps as they knit community and love together in each heirloom Pebble toy. 

Pebble was born out of a love for babies and their mothers. Pebble: Putting Smiles on Faces Worldwide!