About Francis Henri


At Francis Henri you'll find a collection of high quality, modern clothing and accessories for baby size 0 to 4T.

We highlight Australian, European, UK and International brands that are tricky to find stateside. You know the "I bought this on vacation" feeling of joy? That's what we're after - delivered straight to your doorstep without the international shipping fees and four week wait time, OR the dreaded jamming-of-the-suitcase after two weeks abroad, knowing there's no way you'll make the 50lb limit.

The idea for Francis Henri was born from the heart of a travel loving girl who would spend hours scouring the internet, blogs and guidebooks to find the very best hidden baby boutiques each time she traveled to her dream destinations: Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Switzerland, and more - long before she became a mama herself. With the vision of helping moms find the finest clothing and accessories, Katherine Oyer had the idea to bring baby brands form all over the world to one specialty shop  (without the 13+ hour journey). 

With that, Francis Henri was born. 


Hi! I'm Katherine! Mama to three little ones ages 6, 3 and 1 (send coffee) living, working, and raising babies in New Jersey with my husband Chris. I've spent the majority of my career in public relations and climbing the ladder in and out of retail (from high school sales associate at American Eagle to Senior Executive, Retail Team at Neiman Marcus).

I've always had a love for well-designed, local boutique shops, and it has been a dream to open my own brick & mortar filled with surprises and moments of delight around every corner. As passionate international travelers, Chris & I have spent loads of time on the road with and without babies - we saved our pennies for a backpack trip around Europe after college graduation, celebrated our wedding in Italy, brought our 6 month old baby girl to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle, traveled with three kids to the top of the Swiss Alps, and more. You better believe I've had my eyes peeled for the very best products for babies and kids at each and every stop.

With overloaded suitcases on our every return, it occurred to me that even with the power of the internet, it was too darn difficult to find these much loved baby brands here in the states. I figured there must be other mamas, grandmas, aunties and Godparents like me who want nothing more than to get their hands on high-quality, beautifully made, heirloom quality clothing from across the pond.