Hans Goggles in Calile

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Get a crystal clear view of the magic beneath the surface! Tired of stinging, dry eyes after a day at the pool? The Hans goggles are made of lightweight silicone and has an amazing fit that will keep your child's eyes safe from chlorinated pool water or ocean saltwater. These cool goggles have a retro design and offers a wide, anti-fog vision lens and a practical buckle to avoid pulled hair.


  • Age: 3-8 years
  • Delivered in a matching cotton pouch for easy storage
  • Made of lightweight silicone
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Practical buckle to avoid pulled hair
  • Straps for easy size adjusting
  • Made in Denmark

From our friends Petite Pommes in Copenhagen. With a shared passion for iconic design, Petites Pommes’ founders Celine and Anna launched their very first float in Denmark in 2019. On a simple quest for beautiful design and good quality for their daughters, they would only find generic floats that would break after just a week of holidays. From that, an idea was born: to enhance the design and quality of a childhood classic - the swim ring. Celine and Anna set out to develop a collection of timeless inflatables with an aesthetic so familiar and simple that it transcends ever-changing fashion.